Sutton Coldfield Gritting Services

Sutton Coldfield Gritting operates in and around the Sutton Coldfield and North Birmingham area. By only operating locally we keep our costs and our response times down. We are based in Sutton Coldfield and don’t pretend to cover the whole of the UK. We do all the gritting ourselves and do not subcontract work out. Our reputation has been built on our excellent service and we deliver what we promise.

We are your local specialists in gritting pathways, driveways small car parks, private roads and other pedestrian areas. We do this using our fleet of 4×4 vehicles, quad bikes and pedestrian operated machinery. Our range of equipment allows us to cope with everything from footpaths to large industrial estates.

The majority of our work is contract based arrangements with local businesses. We monitor the weather and grit when required. This means that your premises is safely gritted before your staff and customers even arrive in the morning. This ensures your duty of care is complied with and you provide a safe working environment.

Our weather monitoring relies on local weather stations and new for this winter we have introduced on site remote monitoring. This system uses discrete temperature sensors connected to the GSM (mobile phone) network to monitor the ground temperature and inform us if gritting is required. This will save you money by only gritting when required.

If gritting is required we start at 5AM to ensure that we have finished before you arrive.

Where appropriate we will use  white salt instead of the normal rock salt that is used on roadways. White salt, although more expensive, leaves less residue on your floors so less mopping

Whether you have a small path or driveway up to your house or a car park and pedestrian area next to your business we can provide a thorough gritting service to help provide a safe environment.

As we are local we are also able to supply and deliver salt to your door and provide and maintain your grit bins. For further info on our range of products please click here or contact us on 0121 364 7001

For further information click on our Business Services or Domestic Services link

It’s cold outside. Let us freeze so you don’t have to.