Autumns Here -How far away is the bad weather ?

We have had a really busy year here in other areas of our business and now its time to finalise our plans for winter

We have invested heavily in new equipment and machinery to ensure our customers get the best service and we our just about to place our bulk orders of salt.

We aim to be ahead of he competition and we are always looking at ways of working smarter. This year we introducing remote temperature monitoring of our contract sites using sensors connected to the GSM (mobile phone) network. These sensors will tell us when the temperature has dropped to a point where gritting is required for our contract customers. This should be much more accurate than traditional air temperature monitors and result in fewer occasions where gritting is required and savings for you.

So don’t put off reviewing your winter preparations. Call us for a free no obligation quote for cost effective gritting and snow clearance on 0121 364 7000


Latest Weather update

Showers will become frequent on Thursday evening and heavy at times, increasingly turning to snow on high ground and inland, with a longer spell of sleet and snow moving southeastwards across Wales and into parts of the West Midlands and Westcountry overnight. Snow accumulations of 5-10 cm are likely across Wales above 200 metres, with 1-4 cm possible at low levels well inland from the coast. Ice is also likely to form on untreated surfaces.Across England, smaller amounts of snow are expected, but 1-3 cm is possible above 200 metres, with some small slushy accumulations to low levels very locally. With some of the showers falling as sleet or rain, ice is more likely to prove a hazard here where surfaces are untreated.Please be aware of the likelihood of some travel disruption and difficult driving conditions.

6:00 PM GMT on January 14, 2016

Has Winter Finally Arrived ?

Well after a long period of very mild and very wet weather the temperatures have started to drop and in Banners Gate this morning all our vehicles were covered in a thick layer of ice. The roads and paths around the school also appear to be very slippy. We never seem to see the Council gritters around here !

Now if you believe the Daily Mail we will all be buried under snowdrifts within days !

I don’t think it will get that bad in the Sutton Coldfield area for the foreseeable future but ground frosts and black ice can form even when air temperatures are well above zero. The reason for this is that most weather stations take temperature measurements at a height of 1.25m. At this height the air can be considerably warmer than at ground level (Cold air is denser than warmer air and will sink to ground level). This means that frost and black ice can be forming when we have an air temperature of 2-3 degrees C.

We monitor temperatures, humidity levels, dew points etc overnight and we proactively grit our customers premises if we suspect that frost and ice will present a problem to them. Most of our customers will arrive at their premises to find it already gritted. This ensures their safety and the safety of their staff and customers. Our domestic customers also benefit from this service with paths steps and driveways treated.

Of course as well as our proactive service we also respond to your calls for our help and if you wake up to find an ice rink on your premises we can respond quickly to sort it out.

For your gritting needs call us on 0121 364 7001 and remember we treat all sizes from small driveways and paths to large car parks and private roads. We only operate locally to keep our costs low and our response times fast.


Welcome to the new website of Sutton Coldfield Gritting.

We are a local company based in the Banners Gate area of Sutton Coldfield. Our aim is to provide a high quality affordable gritting service to residents and businesses in our area.

As a local business we are in the best position to monitor the weather and react quickly when the conditions dictate. We provide a reactive service -when you call us and also a proactive service where we monitor the weather and provide a gritting service before you even wake up in the morning.

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