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Ice and snow can cause problems for people of all ages. In an ideal world we would all stay inside in the warm until it was safe to go out. However in the real world we have to get to work, take the kids to school, go shopping etc.

We can help reduce the risks on your own property by providing a gritting service. We don’t use huge lorries or noisy machines. We use pedestrian operated gritting machiines that will fit on your path or driveway. Our prices will obviously depend on the size of area to be treated but we think you will be surprised how affordable we are.

You can call us as when you require us or let us monitor the weather forecast for you and treat your property before you even wake up.

We can also supply and maintain small discrete grit bits for you to manage your own gritting needs. Our operators are also equipped with car de-icer, scrapers and screen wash in case your car needs some attention too.

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